This page provides information about documents kept in the document server of the project. It contains links to reports authored by project members, like monthly, quarterly, and annual status reports and project deliverables. These are, usually but not always, confidential documents not intended for public dissemination. A list of project internal deliverables is included, for the visitor's convenience. To see the abstracts click on the highlighted titles. For public documents the title enables a hyperlink for download.

NOMAD Document Server

Reports and deliverables

Title Date
D1.1 Report on User Requirements Analysis Delivered on May 2002
D1.2 Report on Market and Business Model Survey Delivered: July 2002
D1.3 Trials Requirements Delivered: May 2002
D2.1 NOMAD Specification - Intermediate Progress Report Delivered: October 2002
D2.2 Specification of NOMAD Integrated Network Platform Delivered: May 2003
D2.3 Specification of NOMAD Service Discovery Platform Delivered: April 2003
D2.4 Specification of NOMAD Positioning System Integration and Client Module 1 Delivered: May 2003
D2.5 NOMAD System Integration Concept Delivered: June 2003
D3.1 NOMAD Prototype System Development - Intermediate Progress Report Delivered: September 2003
D3.2 NOMAD Integrated Network Test-bed Implementation Delivered: October 2003
D3.3 NOMAD Demonstration Client Delivered: March 2004
D3.4 NOMAD Integrated Network Middleware Delivered: March 2004
D3.5 NOMAD Service Discovery Middleware Delivered: March 2004
D3.6 Report on NOMAD System Integration Delivered: March 2004
D4.1 Report on NOMAD Prototype Network Platform and Service Discovery Middleware deployment Delivered: March 2004
D4.2 Report on NOMAD demonstration scenarios and development Delivered: March 2004
D4.3 Report on NOMAD pilot projects Expected: May 2004
D5.1 Report on NOMAD technical adequacy evaluation Expected: June 2004
D5.2 Report about study on effects of mobility on seamless services Expected: June 2004
D5.3 Report on users and stakeholders acceptance evaluation Expected: June 2004
D6.1 NOMAD Web-site Available
D6.2 Project Templates Folder Available
D6.3 Project Presentation Delivered: April 2002
D6.4 Dissemination & use plan - Version 1 Delivered: October 2002
D6.5 Dissemination & use plan - Version 2 Delivered: July 2003
D6.6 Dissemination & use plan - Version 3 Expected: June 2004
D6.7 Project Newsletter 1 or (budget permitting) CD-ROM 1 Available
D6.8 Project newsletter 2 or (budget permitting) CD-ROM 2 Expected: June 2004
D6.9 Technology implementation plan Expected: June 2004
D6.10 Report on NOMAD presentations/ publications in forums, workshops & conferences Expected: June 2004
D7.1 Project Management Handbook & Quality Assurance Plan Delivered: April 2002
D7.2 (1..n) Periodic Progress Reports (every 3 months) Every three months
D7.3 Final report Expected: June 2004