D4.1 Report on NOMAD Prototype Network Platform and Service Discovery Middleware deployment

This documents reports on the deployment status of the NOMAD prototype network platform and the service discovery middleware.


This document contains Deliverable 4.1 of the NOMAD set of deliverables produced by WP4 (Field Tests). The aim is to implement the NOMAD system at the end user site and to further refine the software in the individual companies’ environments. The pilots are separated for the different user types, namely Application Service Providers and Platform Providers. The processes will be reengineered at the end user sites to cope with the specific requirements. WP4 is mainly divided into three tasks, i.e. Prototype Network Platform & Service Discovery Middleware deployment, Demonstration scenarios specification and development and Pilots. This deliverable documents the Prototype Network Platform & Service Discovery Middleware deployment.

D4.2 Report on NOMAD demonstration scenarios and development

This deliverable is a report for NOMAD demonstration scenarios and development, which covers different usage scenarios, user requirements, and the definition of the trials in Bern/Basel and Helsinki. This document is partially based on D1.3 Trial Requirements.


This report describes the pilot activities to be executed in order to demonstrate validate and assess the results of the NOMAD system. This report uses as input the WP1 reports (D1.1, D1.2 and D1.3) and describes in more details the three scenarios used for capturing the end-user reactions (including a description of the trials set-up in the sites – Helsinki, Bern/Basel and Bremen). It outlines the evaluation criteria and makes reference to indicators that will be used for checking system adequacy against criteria selected. The actual trial process is described in D4.3 and the results are analysed in WP5.