D6.4/6.5/6.6 Dissemination & use plan Version 1/2/3

This document will be fully developed in three phases: month 10 (version 1), month 19 (version 2), and month 30 (version 3).


The aim of the NOMAD project is to develop and demonstrate middleware capable of seamlessly integrating available and future technologies (i.e. UMTS, WLAN) as well as IP compatible multi-hop ad-hoc networks into a single integrated platform, employing new algorithms for parallel usage of multiple access interfaces. This document, which will be fully developed in three phases (month 10th, 19th, 30th) considering the interim results from other activities in the project, discusses exploitation, business and use issues related to the NOMAD technology and presents the plan for dissemination and creating awareness activities of the NOMAD consortium.
The first edition of this report focuses in the presentation of the dissemination activities to be performed by the NOMAD project and the currently developed ideas for technology use and exploitation. In a separate annex it is include a template on the initial business case for NOMAD.net, e.g. the network of wireline/ wireless internet service providers that shall presumably undertake the commercialisation of NOMAD exploitable results. The results of the financial analysis as well as SWOT analysis results will be included in subsequent versions