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Technical Management

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TEMAGON (EL) is a subsidiary company of Hellenic Telecommunications , is a leading consultancy firm, providing a broad spectrum of Integrated Services in the area of Telecoms and Management Consulting. Having conducted more than 150 consultancy projects in Greece, EU, Balkans, North Africa, Asia and Middle East countries, TEMAGON, in cooperation with all the companies of OTE Group (OTE, OTEnet - ISP, COSMOTE - Mobile Operator, OTEsat / Maritel - Satcoms, etc) and in collaboration with Universities / Institutions and major user groups, is particularly active in the area of developing, marketing, demonstrating and promoting new telecom services and applications.

The company is participating in European funded projects in the areas of communication and network technologies and their use for solutions, addressing major societal issues and economic challenges. Involvement includes Initiatives & Programmes such as FP5 IST, e-Content, e-Europe, e-TEN, RISI, SPRITE- S2 etc., as well as direct elaboration of studies for EU Commission Directorates and technical assistance to administrations and/or operators in third countries, including East European, Mediterranean and NIS countries, in the framework of Programmes financed by the EU (TACIS, PHARE, MEDA). Moreover, TEMAGON acts as a broker for the participation of a number of the OTE group companies to EU funded research.

In the context of EU R&D Programmes (FP4, FP5), TEMAGON is deeply involved, focusing mainly on administrative / technical management, market / user assessment, business modeling and dissemination activities. TEMAGON builds novel business models and case-studies in the expanding market of converging systems and value added services.

Within NOMAD, TEMAGON acts as the project co-ordinator (administrative / financial) and is involved in user requirements analysis & state of the art, definition of business models and systems specification as well as dissemination/exploitation.

For further queries, please contact:

Dr. Ing. Panos Philippopoulos
Manager of Research Projects Funded Programmes Dept. TEMAGON S.A.
32, Kifissias ave. ATRINA Center B'
Maroussi GR-151 25, Athens, GREECE
Phone: +30 210 6879 700 (centre) / +30 210 6879 744 (direct)
Fax: +30 210 6848 573
E-Mail: /

University of Bremen - BIBA

The Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science at the University of Bremen (BIBA) is a research institute for engineering science focusing on production technologies and the related organizational resource management aspects. Currently approximately 120 employees work at BIBA with a staff of nearly 50 scientific researchers. BIBA provides a range of up-to-date information technologies and high-grade production machinery. Large number of research scientists from different disciplines develops in an interdisciplinary approach:

The solutions are developed for companies of all sizes - from small skilled trade enterprises to large commercial and industrial companies. BIBA participates in a lot of regional, national and European projects with other scientific organizations and practitioners. BIBA is closely connected to the faculty of Production Engineering and other faculties at the University of Bremen.

The BIBA-division of "Product Development, Process Planning, and Computer Support" develops strategies, methods and tools for industrial production. The major focus is the optimization and redesign of development and production processes by introducing innovative information and communications technologies. Research activities concentrate on:

For further queries, please contact:

Ioannis Fikouras
Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science (BIBA)
Hochschulring 20, 28359 Bremen, Germany
Tel: +49-421-218-5575,
Fax: +49-421-218-5551

University of Bremen - ComNets

The Communication Networks Group (ComNets, is part of the Institute of Telecommunications & High Frequency Techniques (ITH) and the Centre for Information and Communication Technology (IKOM) at the University of Bremen (FB1), Germany. ComNets was established in 1999. The group is involved in European and nationally funded projects as well as bilateral industry projects.

The group's research activities are best defined by the following items:

ComNets participates on the following IST projects 

For further queries, please contact:

Prof. Dr. C. Görg,
Universität Bremen
Kufsteiner Str. NW1
28359 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 218 2277
Fax: +49 421 218 3601
Room: S2320 E-Mail:


The multidisciplinary organization provides a firm scientific ground to tackle demanding problems of practical relevance and enables the creation of completely unique approaches for future exploitation in companies. TAI concentrates on developing concepts and methods, which improve the competitive edge, profitability and productivity of industry as well as offers customer companies solutions exploiting new technology. TAI has long experience of R&D in the areas of industrial management, business process re- engineering, logistics and information technology applications in industry.

Comprehensive development of organizations, teams and processes is implemented together with company personnel on long-term focus. At its best the R&D practiced at TAI provides solutions to earlier insoluble problems. National and international projects are carried out in collaboration with companies, and often in the framework of research programs. The international cooperation has grown remarkably during the past years. TAI has enabled several Finnish companies to start international R&D cooperation in Europe and to an increasing degree with partners globally outside EU.

For further queries, please contact:

Lauri Repokari
Software Business and Engineering Institute
P.O.Box 9600, FIN-02015 HUT
Finland - Metsänneidonkuja 10, Espoo


MARAC was found in 1976 in Piraeus. Today, with a staff of 100+ and a well organized industrial plant in the north of Greece, the company presents extensive Commercial, System Integration and Industrial activities in the field of ship communication and Navigation systems, Land Radio-communications, Telecommunications Systems, Telephone Exchanges - PABXs, Networks, Satellite Communications Terminals, Geological/ Geophysical/ Meteorological Systems, Educational Training Systems and Scientific Instruments.

The company commenced development activities in 1982 aiming at the development and production of land mobile and marine communication products. These activities were expanded after 1986 when the company started to participate in National and European research programmes and decides to built its factory in Alexandroupolis.

MARAC own production today includes products such as Maritime VHF coast stations to support digital services over radio, a training simulator for GMDSS (the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), a Navtex receiver, an automatic meter reading system for Utilities and a series of radio - modems for radio networking applications at date rates from 1.200 Baud to 128 Kbps.

For further queries, please contact:

Konstantina Kambriyanni
MARAC Electronics, S.A.
165, Marias Kiouri & Tripoleos Street,
GR - 188 63 Piraeus
Tel.: +30 10 4314 361
Fax: +30 10 4314 234


TELSCOM A.G is active in broadband communication and Internet solutions provision. They are working very closely with Swiss companies in the areas of access networks and standards development. TELSCOM has already acquired background knowledge of signaling, network and service management as well as traffic engineering through their earlier participation in EXPERT, ITUNET and DIANA projects in the ACTS environment. Within the ACTS framework, They are also active in the TEN-TELECOM project to validate voice over IP with QoS guarantees. TELSCOM was very active in developing multiple Guidelines related to Access Networks, ATM and IP integration, signaling interworking for open network provision in a heterogeneous environment. The know-how from these activities will be extended to the this project. TELSCOM specializes in addressing the interworking and interoperability issues of heterogeneous networks. As members of MulitcomLab in Basel, they will have access to the latest technology update from Manufacturers and Service Providers, which can be used for improving the project directions.

In the past two years they have focused their activities more towards next generation networks with IPv6, QoS, mobility and security issues. They are members of 6INIT, 6WINIT, NGN initiative, NGNLAB and CADENUS projects of IST programme. This experience is of direct relevance to NOMAD project, where they can test the systems developed in the above mentioned projects. Dissemination is also part of our activities, in most of the European projects.

TELSCOM develops networks associated with Access networks (IP/ATM interworking, VB5 SW for ONP, VDSL multiplexers, ATM NIC cards etc..), Edge routers with IPv6 and IPv4 compatibility and Security packages (Layer 4 and Application levels), Electronic commerce (we defined Austria Online system), business- Business commerce. In-house experience exists in all development platforms HP-UNIX, Windows NT and Linux systems, intranet, company web site etc.

For further queries, please contact:

Rao Sathyanarayana
Sandrainstr. 17
Tel: +41 31 376 2033
Fax: +41 31 376 2031


T-Systems is Europe's No. 2 systems house, with some 40,000 employees and annual revenues of approximately euro 11 billion. Deutsche Telekom has identified solution providing as one of its four strategic growth areas alongside mobile telephony, Internet communications and network access. The new company is the first to combine global capabilities in information technology (IT) and telecommunications. T-Systems draws its strength in IT from the former debis IT Services - a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom AG (50.1 percent share) and DaimlerChrysler Services AG (49.9 percent) - and its strength in telecommunications from Deutsche Telekom. T- Systems was officially launched on the German market in February 2001, and is represented in more than 20 countries.

Since 2001 T-Systems Nova is part of T- Systems International GmbH.

T-Systems is a one-stop provider of a full range of services covering all project phases - from planning (Plan) to implementation (Build) and operation (Run) - as well as our customers' end-to-end value chains. T-Systems delivers these services worldwide with offices and subsidiaries in 24 countries. The Entwicklungszentrum Nord (EZ Nord), established 1991, is one of the development center of T-Systems Nova. EZ Nord is focusing on network solutions based on TMN (Telecommunication Management Network) technologies and mobile business solutions. EZ Nord has a long project-history in the development of turn-key systems in the field of Fault management, Configuration, Accounting, Billing and Security (FCABS) software systems for fixed and mobile telecommunication networks as well as in the development of mobile business system solutions for GSM CSD, GSM GPRS and WLAN.

T-Systems Nova carries out projects using own resources as well as resources of other units of Deutsche Telekom. T-Systems Nova participates in international R&D programmes (i. e. ACTS, COST, Telematics, ESPRIT, RACE, EURESCOM, DELTA, ENS, AIM) and is active in several international standardisation bodies such as ETSI, ATM Forum, ITU-T. T-Systems also is participating in about 20 IST projects. Current examples include: BRAIN, MIND, Universal, MCP, Moby Dick, 6INIT, 6WINIT, OPENISE, HARMONICS, YOUNGSTER and VideoGateway.

For further queries, please contact:

Christian Mentrup
Willy-Brandt-Platz 3
D-28215 Bremen
Tel: +49 421 3799 472
Fax: +49 421 37 99 409