A number of technical issues need to be addressed before Integrated networks and services can be provided. 

 Development of a transparent solution in the form of middleware based on Mobile-IP and the upcoming IETF standard for ad hoc network support that will enable the realisation of an integrated network platform which will incorporate every available wireless (e.g. GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IEEE802.11, HiperLAN2, etc.) and wirelined access technology that is able to support Internet services. The usage of industry standards is imperative to ensure highest compatibility and industry acceptance.

 Investigate new algorithms for efficient manipulation of available access interfaces with respect to user profile and active communications. That is, for the resolution of multi-media telecommunication services, preference should be given to the network which best supports the application. Furthermore, in some cases the communication for, e.g., web browsing may be resolved over ad hoc network connectivity.

 Investigate how mobility between devices while communicating can be realised based on the current Internet specification. The focus will be on determining in which ways the original protocol design needs to be extended.

 In integrated network platforms such as the ones presented, security plays an important role. It needs to be investigated in which ways such constructions affect current security considerations and determine in which ways they need to be extended. Priority is given to user privacy, secure communications and anonymous access.

 Development of service discovery and provision middleware as part of the infrastructure of integrated networks based on Service Location (SLP) and Directory Service (LDAP) standards.

 Define and develop new application layer protocols for the communication between client and supplier systems in order to offer transparent service/product discovery and enable the resolution of elaborate service requests (service packages).

 Provide means for personalised and transparent configuration of products, mobility/location awareness, and one-step access. Key concepts of the implementation are the integration of Directory Agents and Directory Servers into gateways that can communicate with customers as well as Service Agents on the one hand and will allow for transparent service discovery between the different parts of the integrated network platform through the use of Directory Service Referrals on the other.